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ShowFlow Simulation is the leading software product designed to model, simulate, animate and analyse processes in logistics, manufacturing and material handling. The software will show you the throughput of a production system, identify bottlenecks, measure lead-times and report utilisation of resources.

ShowFlow can be used to support investment decisions, to verify designs of manufacturing systems, to experiment with different manufacturing strategies or to test the performance of proposed material handling installations.

We will mention a few things that put ShowFlow in a class by itself:

  • Building a model in ShowFlow is extremely fast and easy
  • ShowFlow's powerful constructs allow you to model any level of complexity
  • ShowFlow not only lets you simulate, it helps you with analysis through reports and graphs
  • Your simulation models are animated immediately, no extra work is needed
  • Built in statistical features help you with pre- and post-simulation analysis
  • ShowFlow can be linked to Microsoft Excel® to store simulation in- and output data
  • ShowFlow has standard features to model conveyors, agv's and other internal transport systems
  • With a few mouse clicks you can even run your simulation in true 3D animation
  • ShowFlow comes with a 30 days money back guarantee and 30 days of free support
  • ShowFlow has no hidden surprises at extra charge: modeling, simulation, analysis and animation, it's all in the box!

At only ZAR 17995.- (plus shipping and VAT) ShowFlow makes simulation affordable

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