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As well as supplying the ShowFlow package and training you in its use, we also provide a consultancy service using Showflow. Our experienced consultants can assist you in building your own models, we can develop models for you as part of an overall analysis, or we can carry out the entire project for you including data gathering, analysis, model building, validation, experimentation and the development of recommendations. The choice is yours.

Our constraint management philosophy

Our business philosophy is simple. The primary measure of our success is the improvement in our client's "Bottom Line". It is not enough to just assist our clients to discover and implement a new way of doing things. If the results are not visible in the bottom line, we have failed. We adopt this approach because our focus is on establishing long-term win-win relationships with our clients. We believe in transferring the knowledge to the management of the company and let them set the company on a process of ongoing improvement (POOGI).

The challenge

Most businesses today are under severe pressure to improve, and it seems that most managers are frustrated that despite their best efforts, they are either not improving fast enough or not improving at all.
It is common knowledge that a chain's strength is dependant on its weakest link.

In the same way a company's Throughput is limited by only one constraint at any point in time.

Therefore, if we want to improve the strength of our chain (or throughput of our company), does it make sense to improve anything but the weakest link? With this in mind, what "Bottom Line Results" do we expect from improvement initiatives, if these are not focused on improving or removing the current business constraint?

Is it not surprising that "Improvement initiatives" with no prior analysis are often not successful. This is especially true when a company has no process in place to identify the current business constraint(s) and determine how to focus all improvement efforts on it.

Our constraint management & value adding services

  • CONSTRAINT ANALYSIS & OPPORTUNITY ASSESSMENT- Your constraint can be physical or operational. We use Capacity & Simulation models to verify the location of bottlenecks, excess buffers and use the TOC Cause-Effect processes to identify those internal policies and behaviors limiting your company's profit potential.
  • SOLUTION DEVELOPMENT, SELECTION & IMPLEMENTATION - Our skilled and experienced Constraint Management Specialists can facilitate the development of Innovative Solutions, provide Project Scoping, Design & "Hands-on" implementation expertise. Each project will be managed using the "Critical Chain" to minimize time and maximize benefits.
  • PERFORMANCE MONITORING - A Buffer Management and TOC Performance Monitoring system can be used as an "Early Warning System" to identify new improvement opportunities as your constraint might move to another area.
  • TOC EDUCATION - As implementation partner of the Goldratt Group, we can provide clients with the most-up-to-date certified TOC training from Goldratt Video Program to individual workshops and Jonah Programs

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