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ShowFlow 2 - What's New ?

We are happy to announce that ShowFlow 2 is now scheduled for release January 2005.

It has been a long haul getting the features we wanted to include into the package, but at last we have made it. Here are some of the things that are new in ShowFlow 2:
  • Screen resolutions beyond 1024x768 are now supported in all visualisation modes, so you can now fill your big screen with your model. This is really valuable with large models.
  • Model files are now associated with ShowFlow and can be opened by clicking on them.
  • Long file names are now supported, so you can give your models more descriptive names.
  • Completely redesigned speed bar buttons and many more of them. You can now access the most used features without having to use the menu trees.
  • The help file has been extensively revised, with many more hints and tips throughout. The TLI variable overview now has examples of the use of virtually every TLI function.

Several revisions to TLI

  • Syntax rules on spaces around assignment operators have been relaxed.
  • The ellength function is now updatable. Really useful for building generic, configurable models that include paths and conveyors.
  • Two new functions for managing schedules: regen and clearsched. The first allows you to regenerate a function under software control, and the second completely clears a schedule (but you guessed that!).
  • The graph screens (user defined and element graphs) now maximise the main screen on exit.
  • ..and a couple of bugs have been fixed - the text representation in the time definitions now works correctly, and ShowFlow no longer flags a General Protection Fault on exit in Windows XP. This did not happen with every system, but once it started, it seemed to be there for good.
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