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The ShowFlow complete training consists of a one day basic and a two day advanced course.  The basic part of the training deals with simulation concepts in general and basic ShowFlow model building.  The second part of the course deals with advanced model building concepts.  In this part the trainee is taught how to get more out of a ShowFlow simulation.  Also some simple programming techniques are discussed that allow the user to define his or her own kind of functionality.

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Training programme:

  • Introduction to simulation and modelling
  • Statistics and queuing theory
  • Basics of ShowFlow modelling
  • Advanced ShowFlow modelling
  • TLI (Trigger Language Interface) and functions
  • Experiment analyses
  • 2D and 3D animation in ShowFlow
During the courses various case studies are discussed.  The participants solve these individually in order to gain maximum benefit from the training. Typical subjects of the studies are:
  • A single server, single queue model.
  • A soft-drink packaging line with machine breakdowns
  • A conveyor system with inspection stations
  • An automatic transport with multiple tasks
  • An assembly line
  • A production company with scheduled arrivals and scheduled production
  • A re-order stock model

Also a complete experiment is reviewed and data exchange with other programs is discussed at length.  Of course all the participants receive the examples to take home with them.

Training can be conducted at a venue of your choice, be it in the form of on site training, or standard training at our premises. On-site training with 3 or more participants can be specifically designed to your requirements and particular area of interest.  For more information on standard or in company training contact us at

Beginner training: ZAR 4000.- (+VAT)
Advanced training: ZAR 8000.- (+VAT)
Discounts for multiple participants from one company are available.

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